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“Allowed us to be creative with our own design and specifications”

My husband and I are licensed general contractors, and I am a licensed home inspector and engineer. We have built 6 custom homes for ourselves. Every home that we build brings greater attention to structural integrity, craftsmanship, and energy efficiency.

In designing our latest home here in the mountains, I wanted to bring all of the best qualities from our other custom builds to this house. We wanted the home to be rock strong and cost very little to operate; have tough but beautiful fit and finish, and be unique in design. Combine this with a stunning custom interior and a reasonable price, and all we had to do was build it.

We decided to choose a builder instead of contracting the home ourselves. Being your own contractor is no picnic, and takes plenty of time and experience to get things right. We knew that we had to choose the best possible professional builder who would allow us to get in the way from time to time and adhere to our exact requirements.

After detailed interviews and research, we chose Brown Haven.

Our custom home was completed in six and a half months. The home is perfect in every respect, and exceeded our very high expectations in every way. We are amazed. The core of our delight and happiness derives from the following Brown Haven competencies:

  • Outstanding sales and estimating team
  • Patience and accuracy understanding what we wanted
  • High quality group of contractors (systems)
  • Professional and responsive superintendents
  • Attentive customer service after the build
  • Flexibility in custom design and engineering
  • No money down and accurate accounting
  • Exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • Super low cost to operate and maintain

We are proud and pleased to have found John Allen and the Brown Haven team of pros. From our own experience we know that building a home is fraught with potential mistakes and problems. Systems are complicated and have to be designed to work with specific designs. All of the threads of competence must assemble together at the same time to get the best possible result.

We got it all. We are delighted with our custom Brown Haven home.

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Lisa & Jerry