Best Views in Northern Georgia

Best Views in Northern Georgia

Nov 21, 2019

The leaves are changing, the air is getting cooler and that means that fall is finally here. It’s time to step outdoors and take in the beautiful scenery that Georgia has to offer.  Visit one of these parks to view all of the changing colors in the trees. We can’t get enough of the oranges and reds. Which of these locations is your favorite? 

Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest

Located in Union County, this national forest is a breathtaking wonder. You’ll be surrounded by beautiful trees. Want to take a whole weekend in this beauty? You can choose from dozens of campgrounds and take a weekend to camp in the woods. If you don’t want to take a whole weekend and just want to take an afternoon, they have plenty of picnic benches to sit on and enjoy your lunch. Afterward, you can walk off the food on one of their trails! Make sure to go early, now that daylight savings time has past, it gets dark soon. Hurry before it gets too cold!

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

Visit this historic site located in Cobb County, near where we build in Dawson County. Before you begin your adventure in the park, make sure to stop by the visitor center first. They will know where the best sights are and where to get great views of the surrounding foliage. There are some great trails to hike through with friends and family. Take time to watch wildlife, but please be mindful that this is their home. Have a furry companion of your own? They’ll love the park.

Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area 

Check out this beautiful recreation area in Fulton County near where we build in Cherokee County. Not only will you get beautiful views of the foliage, but you’ll get great views of the river too! If you like to do fishing in the fall, this is the park for you. You’ll be able to catch popular fish like trout, bass, and catfish. If you want to visit multiple times, just pay an annual fee of only $40.

Amicalola Falls State Park 

Located in Dawson County, this state park is only 8 miles from the Appalachian Trail. It has a 729-foot waterfall that’s the third-highest cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi River. We recommend staying at their mountain resort that has a classic cabin feel. Perfect for fall and winter family reunions. You’ll wake up to colorful scenery and you won’t want to leave.

Fort Mountain

Spend the day in Fort Mountain in Murray County. Hikers, bikers and horseback riders have miles and miles of terrain to walk. You’ll be able to explore their hardwood forest, blueberry thickets and take in the breathtaking views of the lake. Have kids? They can play on the playground! You’ll like this park so much that you’ll want to visit their gift shop and get a souvenir for yourself.

Moccasin Creek

Take in the beautiful views of the mountains in this easily accessible park, located in Habersham County. You can view the surrounding wildlife in their wildlife observation tower! If you like to hike, take some time walking through their trails that span over 3 miles. Bring your rod and reel for some stream fishing as well!

Next time you visit your local Design Studio, ask one of our staff to see what their favorite sightseeing areas are.

We love seeing the foliage in these state parks. It reminds us why we are so grateful to build in Georgia. Have we missed one of your favorite foliage destinations? Let us know on social!