Realtor Referral Program

Realtor Referral Program

Thank you for recommending Brown Haven Homes to your client. Brown Haven wants to make this process as simple as possible. By registering their name and yours, your registration will be honored and you will receive a referral fee when your customer purchases any home from Brown Haven Homes during the registration period. Once registration is completed, your job is done. No additional meetings and/or phone calls are required at all.  To ensure that we keep you satisfied, we will keep track of all referrals and there is no time limit for you.

After the loan closing and pre-construction meeting we will pay a referral fee of 3 percent of the base house cost.

In order to receive your referral fee, please complete the following:

  1. Register your customer through Brown Haven Homes prior to their first visit.
  2. Communicate your client’s progress.

Your referral fee claim is void if the purchasers have:

  1. Previously visited the Design Center by themselves.
  2. Are currently working with a Brown Haven Homes representative
  3. Are currently registered with another agent/broker.

Should the purchaser return after your registration period expires with another agent, Brown Haven Homes is not liable for referral fee to the agent/broker whose registration period has expired.

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