Holiday Decor Ideas for Your Brown Haven Home

Holiday Decor Ideas for Your Brown Haven Home

Dec 7, 2021

‘Tis the season for twinkling lights and seasonal spirit! What better time than the holidays to touch up your Brown Haven home with a little festive flair? From classic outdoor pieces to elegant interior statements, wintertime in the mountains or on the water is the perfect opportunity to get creative and have fun.

Whether you enjoy extravagance or love an understated look, there’s something trending to fit your taste. As you head into 2022, make the most of the end of the year with a little personalization! Take a look at a few of our favorite décor trends for both the inside and outside of your new home.

Holiday Decor Ideas

Neutral Palate: Of course, nothing makes a living room cozier than a classic tree. This year, switch up your look and go for neutral-colored ornaments like gold, ivory, and champagne to create a calm, peaceful aura that’s just as festive as bold colors. Added touch: use matching wrapping paper for the gifts underneath.

Metallic Mood: Reminiscent of glittering snow, soft metallic decor brings the beauty of the season indoors — without the freezing temperatures. Try silver or gold (or both!) ornaments on your tree, shimming ribbons, and painted floral sprays.

Outside the Box: Outdoor decor isn’t limited to wreaths and cozy lights — there are so manyfun and unique ways to touch up your exterior space. On your porch or deck, drape a cozy, plaid blanket over a couch or chair. You can also place a “Letters To Santa” mailbox outside your front door for your kids and grandkids!

More Trees, Please:There’s no sense in one room having all the fun this holiday season. If your family splits time between two or more rooms, add Christmas trees of different sizes throughout your home to maintain the festive ambiance, no matter which room you find yourself settled in.

Kitchen Addition:The heart and soul of the home, don’t forget to give your kitchen some decorating love. If you already incorporate holiday-themed utensils and bowls (think pine cones, dried fruit, etc.), try a mini wreath, too. Not just for your door, you can fasten wreaths to your kitchen cabinets for a beautiful look.

Sustainable Décor:Unless you plan to use it for the next 20 years, plastic décor is so passé. Buy (or better yet, make!) a real pine wreath for your front door, find wooden and recycled glass treasures at the local flea market to use as decorations, and be sure to recycle your tree! Finding ways to incorporate sustainability into the holidays can be a fun project for the whole family.

Love at First Sight: Feel the magic as soon as you walk into your home. Your foyer gives your family and friends something special to look at upon entering. Brighten a neutral color palette with pops of red for a classic holiday touch! Try red candlesticks, a table runner, small bowls, or even planters.

From all of us at Brown Haven Homes, we hope you have a merry and bright holiday!