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Say hello to Michelle, our lead designer, whose lifelong passion for interior design started with the idea that a change of environment can change a person's life. In 2019, after analyzing the data of popular design and color choices of Brown Haven customers, as well as listening carefully to their top concerns, Michelle created a collection of innovative, functional, and versatile homes with superior design options that would appeal to any palate — and take the stress and anxiety out of choosing exterior and interior finishes.

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Michelle Hindsman Lead Designer
Michelle Hindsman
Lead Designer
Custom Home Design Center
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Your custom home doesn't just tell the story of who you are and where you've been — it's where you create the rest of your story with the people you love. That's why you deserve only the best help when designing the look and feel of the place you'll call your home base, your sanctuary, and your greatest source of comfort. 

Through our state-of-the-art design studios, we're able to showcase the Brown Haven difference of quality, refinement, aesthetics, and innovation — and help customers navigate the final process of individual style choices. 

Our experienced design team receives in-depth training on every new product in order to educate customers on products that meet their wants and needs, and simplify these exciting choices. From cabinets and flooring to paint and roofing, every Brown Haven customer has a wide variety of options, along with the personalized guidance and care they deserve, to make their home special. 

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