The Definition of a Brown Haven Custom Home

Your new home shouldn’t have to be like everyone else’s! Typical new homes in a community or subdivision all have the same look and feel. A Brown Haven custom home is your personality brought to life through our hands-on design process and built on your land!
A Brown Haven 
Custom Home IS...

Your Home
your home
We have NEVER built the same house twice! We offer beautifully crafted home plans to choose from that have been designed with every detail in mind. Even though we work from our floorplans, we can make modifications. If we decline a request, it is with the customers best interest in mind.
Fixed Price
fixed price
We are up front with the pricing of our home designs and you’ll know exactly how much your new home will cost before it’s built. This cost will not change once your home breaks ground; that is our promise to you.
Professionally Planned & Designed
professionally planned & designed
Brown Haven has selected 1000’s of custom options through thorough research based on performance, style, and value. All of this comes to life in our Design Studio to create the best custom home building experience without the hassle and cost overruns.
Brown Haven Homes
Brown Haven Homes
A Brown Haven 
Custom Home IS NOT...

Homeowner supplied plans or plans built by a typical production builder can be limiting. We typically find Brown Haven has a home in our collection that is very similar. We can give you exactly what you want without the additional price and hassle!
Open Ended & Never Ending Costs
open ended & never ending costs
Brown Haven Homes removes the stress that comes with open ended pricing giving our homeowners the confidence that they are receiving a quality custom home that is a good, fair deal.
Build As You Go
build as you go
We have a methodical pre-construction process in place to ensure that the buyer gets to design a beautiful custom home. Our experience shows that when you make changes during the construction process, the final home is not as cohesive as when your selections are made in the controlled setting of our design studios. This process ensures we build on time and on budget.
Brown Haven Homes
Brown Haven Homes
From Our Happy Homeowners

Everything is easy

Brown Haven did a great job with our house. Everything is easy - from initial meeting, to selecting finishes, to the final punch list. We are definitely enjoying our house! 

Jim M.

From Our Happy Homeowners

Great company and great builder

If I ever have to build a home again, I would go right back to Brown Haven. Everyone says building a home is a nightmare. This was not at all. Great company and great builder!

Brian N.

From Our Happy Homeowners

We love our new home, and love Brown Haven!

The customer service at Brown Haven has been very positive. Just finished our 1 year follow up and Troy Thomas was extremely helpful and went over and above to personally help out with any repairs needed. We love our new home and love Brown Haven! 

Debbie S.

From Our Happy Homeowners

We have a beautiful home, quality construction and a fair price

As with any custom home being built, you are likely to run into a few issues. At the end of the day, I feel like we have a beautiful home, quality construction and a fair price. We would hire them again to build for us.

Jess D.

From Our Happy Homeowners

Highly recommend Brown Haven

John Allen is so professional and always conducts his business in a friendly, efficient manner. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Brown Haven to anyone looking to build a new home.

Jodi P.

Brown Haven Homes
Brown Haven Homes
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No land yet? I can help.
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