Our Team

Experience makes the difference

At Brown Haven Homes, we believe that our greatest resource is our people. Accordingly, we have assembled a wonderful group of professionals, a team with team spirit, a positive mental attitude and a commitment to excellence.

General Manager Rodger Gardner
Email Rodger Gardner at Brown Haven Homes.
General Manager Richard Smith
General Manager Steve Wallin
General Manager Allen Dickey
President John Allen
New Home Specialist Tom Valichka
New Home Specialist Kristin Chancey
New Home Specialist Kelsie Ware
V.P. of Operations Terry Smith
V.P. of Construction Richard Smith
New Home Specialist Trey Wall
Controller Michael Brey
New Home Specialist Subrina Abernathy
Office Coordinator Becky Whitworth
New Home Specialist Trey Harris
Director of Sales Charles Clarke III
Project Manager Steve Puccio
Accounting Associate Cheryl Giles
New Home Specialist Zach Wall
Selection Specialist April Smith
New Home Specialist Kyle Chastain
New Home Specialist Dustin Burch
Accounting Associate Cindy Edwards
Office Coordinator Tracy Smith
Office Coordinator & Selection Specialist April Smith
Project Manager Brian Henson
Email Brian Henson at Brown Haven Homes.
Project Manager Mark Clore
Project Manager Damon Crowder
Executive Assistant Brittany Walker
Project Manager Collin Sheffield
Office Assistant Ansley Sales
Email Ansley Sales at Brown Haven Homes.
Office Coordinator Stephanie Maddox
Email Stephanie Maddox at Brown Haven Homes.
Project Manager Glenn Wagoner
Project Manager TW Saunooke
Marketing Assistant Savannah Garrick
Email Savannah Garrick at Brown Haven Homes.
Purchasing Manager Brad Smith
Project Manager Brian Wonson
Project Manager Al Romano
Email Al Romano at Brown Haven Homes.
Project Manager Brian Bell
Project Manager Chaiz Davenport
Purchasing Associate Ryan Spangenberg
Director Of Pre-Construction Darren Tierney
Project Manager Cory Dunning
Drafting and Estimating Manager Nick Bryant
Project Manager Joyner Flood
Email Joyner Flood at Brown Haven Homes.
Drafting and Estimating Associate Evan McDaris
Selection Specialist Michelle Densmore
Drafting and Estimating Associate Justo Nunez
Selection Specialist Elizabeth Turner
Drafting and Estimating Associate Josh Wright
Warranty Manager Dillon Thompson
Drafting & Estimating Associate Enoch Christopher

Mission Statement

Brown Haven is committed to excellence in building quality custom homes. Our clients receive a good, fair deal through a professional blend of experience, craftsmanship, integrity, and superior customer service.

Let's get started.