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  • $25 per interview

We are often contacted by potential homebuyers who want to hear from current homeowners about their Brown Haven experience. Brown Haven will send these families a contact list that includes your phone number and email. If you are contacted, just answer their questions about your experience with us. Afterward, please call your local office and leave a message including the following information: the full name of the family you spoke to, the date and time of your interview, and any notes about your conversation. In turn, we will mail you $25 each time you speak with a new family.

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Home Tours
  • $50 per tour
  • $500 if they build

Many potential buyers want to look inside a real Brown Haven Home. If you decide to show your home to a family interested in building, we will mail you $50 after the walk-through has occurred. If that family decides to build with Brown Haven, we will mail you $500 when their home’s foundation is complete. Should the family wanting to build visit more than one completed home, the $500 will be split between the participating homeowners.

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  • $500 if they build

When new families reach out to us, we always ask how they discovered Brown Haven. If they inform us, on initial contact, that you are the reason they contacted Brown Haven, and if they decide to build with us, we will mail you $500 when their home’s foundation is complete. Additionally, if you already know someone who is thinking about building a new home, please send us their name, address, phone and email. If they do not already exist in our database, we will log you as their referral. If they choose to do business with us, we will mail you $500 when the foundation of their home is complete.

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From Our Happy Homeowners

Great company and great builder

If I ever have to build a home again, I would go right back to Brown Haven. Everyone says building a home is a nightmare. This was not at all. Great company and great builder!

Brian N.

From Our Happy Homeowners

We have a beautiful home, quality construction and a fair price

As with any custom home being built, you are likely to run into a few issues. At the end of the day, I feel like we have a beautiful home, quality construction and a fair price. We would hire them again to build for us.

Jess D.

From Our Happy Homeowners

Highly recommend Brown Haven

John Allen is so professional and always conducts his business in a friendly, efficient manner. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Brown Haven to anyone looking to build a new home.

Jodi P.

From Our Happy Homeowners

Thank you again and keep up the great work!

Today is our one year anniversary of moving into our Brown Haven home in Ellijay.  I wanted to thank you personally for calling my husband and me one and a half years ago to offer assistance on getting our land released to us so BH could start building.  I would also like to commend Troy "Brown" Thomas.  From start to finish he has been a joy to work with.  His customer service was exceptional, he's friendly, efficient and has a good follow up to any of our questions or requests. He's certainly an asset to the BH team and our experience was very positive with him as well as you and all of your office staff in Ellijay.  Thank you again and keep up the great work!!

Debbie Snyder and Ken Greer

From Our Happy Homeowners

I get to see first hand the quality of products and designs

Working with Brown Haven Builders has been such a pleasure. I get to see first hand the quality of products and designs that go into their homes. Every single client of their raves about Brown Haven's building techniques, quality of products, and the care they have their customers. It is such a pleasure to do business with this company and to photograph such beautiful homes.

Erin Woody Photography

Brown Haven Homes
Brown Haven Homes