Jun 28, 2018

Become a Brown Haven Homes Ambassador Today!

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Become a Brown Haven Homes Ambassador Today!

Have you heard about our Brown Haven Homes Ambassador program? If you had an incredible experience building with Brown Haven Homes and absolutely love living in your dream home, we have a fun and rewarding experience waiting for you…


As an ambassador, (1) you get paid to share your experiences with potential homeowners, (2) offer tours throughout your beautiful home, and (3) provide referrals! Becoming a representative for Brown Haven Homes is an opportunity like no other, and will help to change the lives of potential homeowners just like yourself.


Take a look at what you’ll be doing as a wonderful Brown Haven Homes Ambassador:


(1) Interviews

We oftentimes receive phone calls from potential homeowners who wish to speak to current residents about their experiences, and we believe that your unique insight plays a big role in a decision to purchase.


If you want to participate in this process, we’ll send families a contact list with your basic information. When you are contacted, you’ll speak about your experience and answer any questions. Afterward, you’ll call our main office with any notes that you have, and we’ll send you a $25 Visa gift card! There’s no limit to how many families you can speak to!


(2) Home Tours

If you’re proud of your beautiful Brown Haven home and want to show it off, now’s your time to shine! Home tours are a great way to help potential residents envision the kind of beautiful home they can call their own. Every home tour you give rewards you with a $50 Visa gift card!


If your touring family decides to build with Brown Haven Homes, we’ll mail you a $500 check once the home’s foundation is complete. Offering your home for a tour provides you with a fun chance to show off your home!


(3) Referrals

We always ask new families how they found out about us. If they mention that you are the reason they contacted Brown Haven Homes, and if they decide to build with us, we’ll mail you a $1,000 “Thank you” check when the home’s foundation is complete.


Similarly, if you know of someone (who’s not already in our database) looking to build a new home, and they decide to build with us, we’ll mail you a $1,000 “Thank you” check as well!


(4) Reviews

Give us a rave! We love hearing from our incredible homeowners and reading all about your Brown Haven Homes experience. If you’d like, head to Avid Ratings, Facebook, Google+, and Yelp to share a review.


While becoming a Brown Haven Homes ambassador pays, representing us provides much more than monetary rewards. As the face of a happy Brown Haven homeowner, you’ll feel great knowing that you’re not only helping us, but helping potential homeowners land their dream home.


If you have any questions about our Ambassador Program, please give us a call at 706-970-2456, or email us at info@brownhavenhomes.com. We look forward to getting into the Brown Haven Homes spirit with you!

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