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Fall in Love with Hiawassee's Favorite Floor Plan
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Fall in Love with Hiawassee
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Fan-Favorite Floor Plan Features
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2022 Design Trends with Michelle
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Cheers to New Beginnings With Brown Haven Homes
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6 Tips to Prepare For Your Design Appointment
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Ask and you shall receive! We heard you needed a little help visualizing space planning for our completed homes, what do you think of this furnished 'DogWood' floor plan 🤎
Pt. 2 A big thank you to Mr. David Salyers for sharing his knowledge with us! We have so much to learn from you and are so grateful that you took the time to share your knowledge and experience with us! 

Mr. Salyers was one of the two original marketing executives at Chick-fil-a, where he worked for 37 years, our entire team was so eager to learn from him and share who we are at Brown Haven.
Pt. 1 of Brown Haven Homes Annual Kick Off 2024! It is so important to us to share what happens "behind the scenes" of building with Brown Haven Homes. Building the best homes in the industry requires a lot more than just the high quality materials we use. It requires investing in talented people and then continuing to invest in their knowledge and growth not only in their career fields, but their personal growth as well...

Photography:  @styledandsnapped 
Venue: @brasstown_valley 
Balloon Displays: @festivefairies
Swipe for the before 👉
This 'Shenandoah' floor plan is starting look like a home 🫶
What’re you making for Sunday Dinner? 🥘 
Whatever it is, we wish we were cooking it in this beautiful ‘Cumberland’ kitchen 🖤
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