May 12, 2020

Brown Haven Cares

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Brown Haven Cares

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” - Maya Angelou

Brown Haven Homes doesn’t just build new homes, we build communities. At Brown Haven, we recognize the importance of giving back to our communities in an intentional and tangible way. Specifically, we believe in empowering our sales team to choose the ways that Brown Haven gives back in their unique communities by giving to a charity that speaks to them on a personal level. Each employee of Brown Haven is allotted $500.00 annually to donate to a charity or organization of their choice. Employees may also choose to personally match the donation.

As Brown Haven Homes is one of the largest and fastest-growing home builders in the Southeast, John Allen, owner, and president, felt a philanthropic responsibility to financially invest in the communities in which he was building. To date, “Brown Haven Cares” is one of his proudest accomplishments. However, he was adamant that rather than blanket donations to charitable causes as they came up, John wanted his individual employees to feel personally invested in their customers and communities.

Kelsie Bell, a new home specialist at Brown Haven, is a native of the North Georgia mountains and has witnessed the impact of this initiative on her community, friends, and neighbors. She herself carefully considered the charity to which she wanted to donate, “I chose to donate to the Humane Society. Being an animal lover to my very own rescue pups, this was near and dear to my heart. Whether those funds are put toward feeding the animals, covering adoption fees, or providing them with a comfortable place to live for this temporary time in their lives, knowing that I have made a difference with the help of Brown Haven Homes makes me proud to be a part of something bigger than myself.”

Kelsie views giving back locally as an integral part of the overall vision of Brown Haven and the Brown Haven difference, “This philanthropy is making a REAL difference. Not only is Brown Haven Homes giving back to the community, but they’re also offering for the employees to be a huge part of it. Each of my team members has the opportunity to give back to a cause that makes it personal for them. As Ray Dalio says in my favorite book, Principles, it’s all about ‘meaningful work and meaningful relationships.’”

John elaborates on the idea behind “Brown Haven Cares”, “These are not just random, arbitrary, charitable donations. They are thoughtful and intentional. Each employee is empowered to choose an organization that has helped to shape who they are, or they choose a charity that has personally impacted or touched their family. For instance, the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America and Hemophilia of Georgia - these two charitable organizations have directly impacted Brown Haven employees and their families.” John also added that many employees have chosen to donate to educational institutions, “Education is empowering. Education drives us to become our best selves; it can break family cycles of poverty and it can positively impact future generations. Education has the power to profoundly change individuals, families, and their broader communities for the better. Whether an employee chooses a collegiate institution or a local k-12 school system, Brown Haven team members repeatedly echo the value of teachers and education in their lives.”

Since its inception in 2018, the charitable initiative “Brown Haven Cares” has donated well over $20,000 to a variety of local, national, and global organizations including area educational institutions, emergency and health services, environmental conservation initiatives, and animal rescue establishments. Brown Haven Cares - they care about their customers; more importantly, they care about building communities that care about each other.

When you decide it’s time to build your forever home, we hope you’ll let one of our design specialists help you choose a new home plan from Michelle’s curated collection. Her collection of curated new home designs blends the best of current home building trends and interior and exterior finishes with the high-quality craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from Brown Haven Builders. Brown Haven cares - that’s the Brown Haven difference.

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