Buy Your Dream Home at a Historically Low Rate

Open-concept design. High-end features and finishes. Tranquil lakeside location. There are so many reasons to choose a custom Brown Haven home throughout Georgia, NC, or SC, and now you can addhistorically low interest ratesto the list. You’ve got the buying power, and there’s no better time to use it!

Are you eager to cook in a wide-open kitchen? How about enjoy the comfort of private outdoor space? Browse thediverse floor plansoffered in ourbeautiful locations, and envision the home you want to spend your days in. Our Brown Haven living spaces value exactly what you do: luxury, flexibility, and total convenience and comfort.

Today’s Home Mortgage Interest Rates

At this exact moment, you’re at an advantage in terms of what you can afford. With extremely low interest rates, you’re able to purchase the home youreallywant without having to stress over the finances. Locking in a desirable rate offers freedom of choice and peace of mind that you just can’t get otherwise.

For example, historical rates have been around 7%, whereas right now, they’rearound 3.5% and continuing to sink. So, if you bought a home priced at$300,000with a30-year fixed rate of 3.5%, your monthly payment would be$1,347.Yes, your monthly payment for a gorgeous new home on the lake would bethat low.

Life in a brand new Brown Haven home is all about enjoying your personal routine without stress getting in the way… and a low interest rate on your mortgage will take your active and fulfilling lifestyle to a whole new level. If you buy now, the savings on your ownership speak for themselves.

Your dream home on the lake is waiting for you at just the right timethis summer, choose the one you love the most, lock in a historically low interest rate, and it’s time to celebrate!

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