Oct 16, 2023

Roots to Rise - The Brown Haven Story

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custom built new home by Brown Haven Homes

The story of Brown Haven Homes and how we acquired our name is not what you may think. This is a story that is told on new employees first day with Brown Haven, it is essential to our foundation, and our “why”, think of this story as a “get to know us” introduction.

For many, the Fall season signifies the beginning of a busy holiday season. A time packed with gatherings with family and friends, stuffing yourself with entirely too much food, and after lounging around recounting old memories, reflecting on how traditions came to be, or even just story telling.

Well at Brown Haven Homes, we are reminiscing as well and decided our story was one, we wanted to share with you. Whether you are a raving fan, weighing your options between custom home builders, or just stumbled upon this page by accident, here is the story of how our roots were planted. 

In 2005, our founder and president John Allen was in the business of buying land to transform into housing developments when he had met a man who had just recently inherited a large, multi-generational farm. 

Eventually, John and the Farmer came to an agreement. However, after many failed attempts at closing the deal, the farmer would always find a reason to prolong. John knew that the farmer had a sentimental attachment to the land, being that it had been in his family for so long and held such a special place in his heart. So, John took a different approach. 

John and the farmer met one day in the smoky cab of the farmer’s truck when John realized what was missing to convince the farmer to close the deal. John knew from the very start that building homes is not just about the bottom line- it’s about people. So, he proposed to name his neighborhood after the farmer, Farmer Brown. A deal was made, and the Brown Haven Homes foundation was built.

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