Apr 8, 2024

Why is Brown Haven Different | Chattanooga’s Perspective

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Aerial view of a custom home by Brown Haven Homes

What makes Brown Haven so different? Here's what our Chattanooga Design Studio has to say to that!

What makes Brown Haven so different? Who better to tell you than the people who are the heart of Brown Haven, our employees. All the way from our Chattanooga Design Studio, we share their unique perspective on what makes Brown Haven different than other home builders in the industry.

When asked what sets Brown Haven Homes apart, each member of the Chattanooga team shared a unique response. Ethan Burch, New Home Specialist, admires the compassion and work ethic that every BHH employee displays. Wes Jeanblanc and Nathan Myers, Construction Leaders, know that when they step into the office they’ll be met with positive energy and genuine comradery. Jessica Flicker, Office Leader, feels empowered to complete her work in the best interest of her colleagues and clients. She knows her suggestions and creative approaches will be welcomed by all team members. Blakely Phillips, Experience Leader, appreciates the organization’s desire to be the best in the business and prioritize personal development by discussing a weekly podcast or book. Milton Seabolt, Head Coach, admires Brown Haven’s drive to do things “the right way” and ensure the clients have an incredible experience. The Chattanooga office has been delighted to find its groove in 2024 with top notch team members who have become like family. We’re in the business of impacting lives, and we love doing that by building dream homes as beautiful and unique as the people we build for! 

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