Enjoy Flexibility in Your Brown Haven Home

“I wantmore open spaceto relax.”

“I needmore roomto work from home.”

I wishI had an extra roomto do yoga.” 

Have you had any of these thoughts in the past months, the past year… or the past few years? If so, you’refinallyin the right place at the right time. Welcome tototal flexibilityin your brand new Brown Haven home.

We’re Flexible

It’s good to be flexible. That’s why all of our homes, built withall-new systems, advanced building materials, and energy-efficient features, are designed to embrace and enhance your unique routine. In our diverse floor plans, a few of our flexible features include a study, a flex space, extra bedrooms, and a spacious deck or covered porch, so you can spread out, get comfortable, and put your wants and needs first.

Working from home? Turn your space into an open, airy office. Need an area for your children to play? Create a playroom where they’ll be comfortable and happy. Want to revisit a hobby, stay active, entertain friends, or simply relax? Design an art studio, home gym, recreation room, yoga retreat… you name it. 

A healthier, happier Brown Haven lifestyle means having the ability to use your flexible space in the way that makes the most sense foryou. 

BlueRidge Floorplan

Stylish, functional, and modern from top to bottom, our brand newBlueRidge floorplanmakes time spent inside more enjoyable than ever. This 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom beauty offers a walk-in pantry/pocket office that can be turned into a charming home office, as well as spacious, split bedrooms with walk-in closets, and the option to include a roomy basement. No matter what you want and need the most, these useful spaces are here to make your routine easier every day.

The Right Choice

We know that no two homeowners are alike, so we designed each of our modern, stylish plans with the adaptable space you need. Design and decorate your open spaces however you want and need for nowand switch them up when you’re ready for something new. There’s no limit to what your home can become! 

As you look ahead to a healthier, happier lifestyle, you can be sure that your highly functional Brown Haven living space isthe right choice.For more information about our homes throughout the most desirable neighborhoods of Georgia, SC, and NC, please contact us at 706-514-4447. We can’t wait to get started!

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