Healthier Home, Happier Life

At Brown Haven Homes, we believe that the place where you spend your days, grow with your family, and turn to for comfort and security should behealthy from top to bottom.That’s why we're committed to building you the healthiest home possible, with clean air, durable structures, energy efficiency, and cutting-edge design. Because a healthier home translates to a happier life. 

Say hello to a home that takes care of you — so you can start every day feeling your very best.

Healthy Homes Features

  • ZIP SYSTEM. What’s underneath counts. Zip System R-sheathing is an all-in-one structural panel with built-in exterior insulation.Unlike traditional wall assemblies, it streamlines exterior water, air, and thermal management. 

  • ENERGY-EFFICIENT WINDOWS. You’ll save energy and money thanks to our PlyGem single-hung vinyl with Low-E glass and argon-filled double pane windows with screens.Low-E glass keepsyour home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 

  • 2x6 WALLS & R19 INSULATION. Why settle for 2x4 walls? We build 2x6 exterior walls to give your home greater structural strength. In addition to being more durable and sound, the extra thickness of a 2x6 wall provides more insulation and a higher R-value,creating a more comfortable home (that saves you money). 

  • 9-FOOT FIRST-FLOOR CEILINGS. Never underestimate the value of vertical space. Every Brown Haven home starts with a first-floor ceiling height of 9 feet —you just won’t find that sense of volume and space in a used home. 

To us, home is your base, your sanctuary, and your greatest source of comfort. We promise that your Brown Haven living space is built with your quality of life at the forefront — now and down the road. You deserve peace of mind, inside and out… in a home that lets you live better, breathe easier, and save money.

For more information about our healthy homes and communities throughout Georgia, and North and South Carolina, please contact us at 706-514-4447. We can’t wait to get started!

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