Apr 23, 2024

It’s all about perspective: The Little Details in Your Home That Make a Big Difference

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custom new home built by Brown Haven Homes with white shaker cabinets and modern hardware

It's time to freshen up your space with these little details that can have a big impact on your space!

This Spring is all a fresh perspective so we decided to get our Lead Designer Michelle’s perspective on little details you can add to your home during selections that make a big impact!

·        Unexpected wall tile instead of a painted accent wall | You’ve heard us say it before, but this is such a fun way to add some texture and unexpected detail to your home! Brown Haven just recent added some stunning new tile selections to our Design Catalog! 

·        Updating your kitchen hardware | This is an easy, inexpensive small change that can have a big impact on the feel of a room. 

·        Adding in a unique light fixture or chandelier/pendant light | This addition is another relatively low cost, low effort option that can really make a big change in your space, especially if you are wanting to lean into a new design style and want to test the waters. 

·        Don’t forget about interior doors or ceilings | The go-to design choice for trim and doors is often white, and while this is a classic option for a reason, it is also a missed opportunity to make these everyday features into special details or focal points! Consider a monochrome look or a contrasting color for your trim and doors.

·        Incorporating gadgets | What are everyday tasks that could be simplified by the addition of simple gadgets like pot fillers or glass rinsers. Additions like these are functional but also add to convenience of how you use your kitchen.

Often it is little details like these that bring a room together and make your vision feel cohesive. They can also be an unnecessary little luxury that add to the convenience of everyday tasks! Make sure you keep these little details in mind when making selections for your new Brown Haven Home or if you are looking to add new life to your existing space! 

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