Michelle’s Pick: Kids’ Room Designs

Whether it's a calming bedroom that encourages rest and dreaming, a vibrant playroom where their imaginations can run wild, or a functional classroom for after-school homework or virtual learning, having a dedicated space for the kids in your life is so important to their happiness and wellbeing. In a Brown Haven home, with its flexible layouts and bonus rooms, you'll have plenty of space to accommodate anything your kids or grandkids need. Here are a few suggestions from our lead designer, Michelle Hindsman, for creating awesome spaces for the little ones to enjoy in your brand new home.

Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

Once they see their bedroom all done up in their favorite themes with cool furniture, they may never want to leave!

Dreamy Bunk Beds - Whether you have one child or several, be sure you have enough options for their friends for sleepovers! Build in a row of bunk beds along one wall so that each bed feels like a private alcove. They’ll think it’s so cool to have an individual sleeping space!

Multi-Purpose Furniture - If the bedroom must also function as a study, there are a lot of fun furniture options that combine bunk beds with desks in order to save precious floor space. Not only will your kids have a private, dedicated space to do homework, when they’re done they can climb right up to bed.

Dress it Up - This is your child’s comfort zone - their oasis - so play it up by adding whimsical accessories or a beautiful accent wall to elevate the space. You’ll want it to be as pleasing to the eye as it is cozy.

Playroom Ideas

If you have younger children or grandchildren and all they want to do is play all day, you can convert your bonus room into a playroom! This space can be a total wonderland - complete with toys, games, whimsical play structures, and more. Be prepared to roll out a sleeping bag because they may never want to leave!

Toy Storage - Of course, no playroom is complete without storage for all of the games, art supplies, and stuffed animals that kids love. Place storage options against the largest wall to maximize space (this can also look super cool and modern!). A sectional shelf has lots of cubbies or bins for keeping everything organized.

Fun-Sized Furniture - The only thing cuter than tiny children’s furniture is the sight of your kids sitting in them! there! Look for a low table-and-chair set that you know they'll find comfortable. For added relaxation, a cozy mini sofa, beanbag, daybed, or even large pillow with blankets works great in corners (and are great for encouraging them to read or settle down for a nap). For sleepovers, keep a couple of sleeping bags rolled up in the closet and create a pallet on the floor with blankets and pillows. They'll think it's 10x more fun than sleeping in a bed!

Chalk It Up - If you have fond memories of writing with colorful chalk outside, take the magic inside for your children to enjoy no matter the weather! A chalkboard wall is an irresistible addition that lets their imaginations run free. Chalkboard paint can be purchased at any big-box home improvement store. Just be sure to buy dustless chalk to keep the cleaning to a minimum.

Get Artsy - There’s nothing like a wall that pops! From wallpaper and wall decals to photos and posters, there are so many ways to make this room memorable. If your kids are interested in geography, try a large map decal. Do they love animals? Look for animal prints, a jungle scene, or photos of their favorite creatures. And of course, words and numbers are a great way to encourage reading, writing, and even new hobbies. For extra fun, buy or build a play set - like an elevated stage for performing, or a castle for ultimate make-believe.

Home Classroom Ideas

If your kids are doing virtual or home school, they'll need a quiet, dedicated space where they can focus. Convert your extra bedroom, bonus room, or den into the perfect space for learning.

Desks - If you have more than one young scholar, separate desks may be in order so they each have their designated space and won't be distracted by one another. For younger children, a long, low table in the center of the room where they can spread out works perfectly.

Shelving - Store all the reference books and art supplies they need in cube shelves. The flat surface on top is great for a printer, pencil sharpener, or even photos to keep them inspired.

Stations - School teachers will know this trick. Create different stations so that your students can rotate through different learning environments during the day and feel like they are in a real classroom. Set up a reading station with a small bookshelf and comfy chair or beanbag, an arts and crafts area with a table that can get messy, and a computer center with a proper desk and chair and uncluttered surface so that they can focus.

Whiteboard - If you'll be helping them with assignments - or if they just need space to work out math or science problems - a large mounted whiteboard will be helpful. Whiteboards are also great ways for young children to express their creativity, so be sure to buy plenty of colorful dry erase markers.

Whatever space you need for your kids or grandkids, it will be easy and fun to create in your new home in North Georgia, Western North Carolina, South Carolina, or Tennessee. With flexible spaces, options to add more square footage, and plenty of storage, there’s enough space to create the home you’ve always dreamed of, and enjoy it with the people who are most important. To learn more about building a new on-your-lot home, please contact Lia or Katelynn at 706-514-4447.

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