Moving From a Big City to a Smaller Southern Town

Picture this: you wake up naturally to sunshine peeking in through your bedroom window. You head downstairs, make yourself a cup of coffee, and walk outside to your private deck that overlooks the sparkling lake. The still water catches the morning light as you sip your coffee and hear nothing but the familiar sounds of nature and wildlife surrounding you. A cool, calm breeze passes by, reminding you that where you are is exactly where you’re meant to be. The best part? This nature-filled getaway isn’t a vacation at all — it’s your everyday life.

When you retire in the Appalachian mountains, boundless beauty becomes the backdrop of everywhere you go and everything you do. Without the hassle of traffic, congestion, and noisy crowds, you’re truly free to spread out and enjoy the little things about life you value most, from nature-filled hikes with family to afternoons spent reading in the shade to simple lakeside strolls by yourself, with no pressure to “do” but all the time in the world to “stay.” 

At Brown Haven Homes, we’ve never believed that retirement is about blazing-hot temperatures, lavish outings, and endless rounds of golf — to us, it’s about complete and total serenity, both inside and outside of your home. Which is why we build our personalized, high-quality homes in none other than Appalachia (Plus, Brownie says Chattanooga, Anderson, Asheville, Dawsonville, Hiawassee and Ellijay are great places to hide from the virus).

The Halfback Movement

With sparkling lakes, lush forests, and sprawling mountain ranges, it’s no surprise that Appalachia attracts retirees from all over to relocate to another state. In fact, many retirees who initially left the North for traditional hotspots like Florida found that the Sunshine State wasn’t exactly what they were looking for — so they ended up settling in mountain towns throughout Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. These retirees are oftentimes referred to as “halfbacks,” and as AARP notes, the migration of halfbacksthat was halted a decade ago is now underway again, thanks to an improved economy. 

While hot-climate states promise endless sunshine, many people find that they prefer tranquility to tourist attractions, and the simplicity of nature to congested towns. Not to mention, “crowding, traffic, rising home prices, and insurance costs,” along with the hurricanes that hit coastal locales, aren’t exactly the most attractive “amenities” of retirement. Appalachia, on the other hand, features everything retirees love about a relaxing, laid-back lifestyle — with none of the unwanted side effects.

Why Retire in Tennessee

Along with remarkable lakeside towns in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, our team is excited to have added several counties in Tennessee to the list of places where we build. In Bradley, Marion, Hamilton, Polk, and Sequatchie Counties, we’re ready to create a house that becomes your home; one that’s personalized to fit your lifestyle with the ideal layout and number of rooms, and of course, spacious outdoor living areas that provide endless, unmatched access to the magic of the outdoors.

Surrounding the eastern and southeastern parts of Tennessee where we build, you’ll find mountain ridges and rivers that are the perfect retreats for nature lovers and those who simply enjoy exploring new ground. Whether you’re planning an outing with your grandkids, spending time with out-of-town family or friends, or looking for a quiet spot to relax, get fresh air, and see the sights, you’re sure to find something majestic just around your Brown Haven home in Tennessee. 

A “fiscally sound” and retirement-friendly place to live, “Tennessee does not levy state income taxes,” which means your retirement income goes further in the Volunteer State. Not to mention, the safe and scenic neighborhoods where we build are close to vibrant towns like Chattanooga, where you have an abundance of options for enjoyable day trips and nightlife that you won’t find in overcrowded, sun-soaked states like Florida.

Start off your day with a scenic hike or guided tour at Lookout Mountain before heading into town to check out the shops at Warehouse Row and the unique vendors at Chattanooga Market, which was named one of the"Top Ten Public Markets in America"  by  Frommer’s.With an abundance of breathtaking outdoor activities as well as shopping, dining, and arts and culture, this vibrant town is where you always have something fun waiting for you.

Moving From a Big City to a Smaller Town

You may be at a point in your life where the hustle and bustle of a city just doesn’t excite you anymore. Instead of a noisy, expensive restaurant, you crave the intimacy of your favorite local spot, where there’s always a friendly face to see. Instead of busy streets and crowded sidewalks, you long for wide-open outdoor space to call your own, with plenty of room to enjoy the company of family and friends or simply relax by yourself. And instead of the “excitement” of the unknown and unpredictable, you wantcertainty.You want to feel safe and secure in your home and neighborhood, and in complete control of how your day goes.

When you choose to build a personalized Brown Haven home, whether in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and now Tennessee, you aren’t just choosing a beautiful house with beautiful surroundings — you’re choosing peace of mind for today, tomorrow, and every day after that. You’re choosing a lifestyle that’s rooted in simplicity, so you can finally do away with nuisances of city living that you just don’t need, like high prices, wait times, congestion, traffic, cramped space, poor air quality, unreliable transportation… the list goes on.

If you’re ready to trade all of that in for the calming sounds of the lake, a spacious, comfortable home with brand-new everything, and an atmosphere where you’re free to live the way thatyouwant to, moving to a small town could be your greatest move yet. And of course, with our caring, knowledgeable team by your side as well as our  price promise  (that the price of your home will never change once you’ve signed your contract), you can be sure that your experience building a new Brown Haven home will be just as enjoyable as living in it. 

If you’re ready to move to a small town in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Tennessee, all of us at Brown Haven Homes can’t wait to help make your ideal retirement a reality. For more information about our personalized, lakeside homes, please contact us at 706-514-4447.

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