Michelle’s Pick: Timeless Furniture and Design Styles

Whether you are designing a farmhouse, traditional, or modern home, it's always fun choosing furnishings and accessories to complete the look and make your new house feel like home. There are so many design options to choose from, but anchoring the room with a timeless element, like a Windsor chair or Chesterfield sofa, will set the bar and help the rest of the room come together.Michelle Hindsman, Brown Haven Homes' Lead Designer, has some great tips to incorporate furniture and design elements that are trending today, but never go out of style. 

Windsor Chairs

"During my career I’ve seen a lot of timeless designs, and what’s interesting is how cyclical furniture styles are. For example, we’re seeing a big trend with mid-century modern pieces. A lot of furniture is reminiscent of the past but has updated features like fun, bold colors. For example, Windsor chairs are timeless and are great for a farmhouse-style home."

Chesterfield Sofa

"Another oldie but goodie is a Chesterfield sofa. It bridges the gap between traditional and modern. The frame of the sofa has clean, modern lines but the leather and tufted buttons give it a traditional look. If you already own a Chesterfield, have it re-upholstered and it'll be perfect in any style home."

Oriental Rugs

"I’m obsessed with Oriental rugs and happy to see they are coming back! These rugs are such statement pieces. They add bold colors but allow for neutral upholstery which is trending right now. Oriental rugs also work well with mid-century modern pieces. The juxtaposition between the striking rug and the simple furniture creates an interesting space. One design trick that adds comfort and style to any space is to layer your rugs. Throw an Oriental rug over a textured jute rug and you'll be amazed at the dimension it brings to a room."

Barcelona Chair

"The Barcelona chair is another one of those classic pieces that remains popular.Again,the simplicity works with so many different styles but it’s very comfortable as well. It’s a great mixture of form and function."

Neutral Hues

"Light and bright interiors are so popular right now. When you have clean, white or neutral walls it makes the room seem large and airy, and it really makes unique art and furniture pop. Bringing multiple neutral tones of gray or beige into the upholstery and accessories creates areallylinear, sophisticated look."

Aged Metals

"Texture is everything in room design. Incorporating brushed metals with an aged finish adds detail and interest to chairs, coffee tables, lamps, light fixtures, picture frames, and more. That hint of shine goes a long way to creating a unique, elegant space."

When you build a new Brown Haven home, you’ll have the opportunity to work directly with Michelle and her team to select timeless finishes that complement your unique style. The result is a gorgeous, masterfully-crafted home that’s been thoughtfully designed and lovingly decorated to suit your lifestyle perfectly. For more information on new homes built on your lot in North Georgia, Western North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, please contact us at 706-514-4447.

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