Apr 27, 2020

The Appalachian Mountains: Best Place to Retire

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The Appalachian Mountains: Best Place to Retire

At Brown Haven Homes, “luxury living” means something a little different than it does to others. It means sipping morning coffee next to the mountainside, not flashy tourists. It means spending evenings outside with fresh, clean air, not congested city traffic. And it means looking out onto sprawling greenery and foliage, not crowded, pushy beaches. 

In the tranquil towns of the Appalachians where we build our homes, you’ll get to experience happiness like never before. Finally, you can sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy a lifestyle that’s built around beautiful scenery, outdoor living, and an unbelievable connectedness to home. 

The Appalachian Mountains are the New Florida

If you’re not one for the high prices and pretentious customs of typical retirement beach towns, you’re not alone. Nowadays, many northern transplants to Florida arererouting to the neighborhoods of the Appalachians to spend their retirement. If you prefer lower home prices, beautiful, mild weather year-round (without the hurricanes, of course), and spectacular scenery you can’t get anywhere else,the Appalachian Mountains are your safe haven.

Outdoor Living at its Finest

With endless natural wonders like the Blue Ridge Mountains, Lake Lanier, Grandfather Mountain State Park, and Amicalola Falls,everywherewe build in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia is surrounded by something magical. If you feel more energized from a scenic hike than an expensive indoor workout class, you’re going to love having the country’s most beautiful settings right at your feet. After all, a wide open lake with stunning wildlife and fresh air beats a chlorinated pool any day in our book…

Make Your Move

You’ve worked hard your entire life, and now you finally get to enjoy your free time the wayyouwant to. Now more than ever, retirees like you are noticing that “paradise” doesn’t include lavish restaurants, crowded beaches, and blazing sunshine. 

Today, it’s all about living simply and comfortably in a gorgeous, new home surrounded by the boundless beauty of nature, and of course, kind, friendly neighbors who are on the exact same page as you are. It’s about stepping outside in the morning, taking a deep breath, and feeling more free than you ever have in your life.

If you’re ready to experience your happiest and most beautiful moments, we’re ready to build your personal oasis. For more information about ourcustom homes, pleasecontact usat 706-514-4447.

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